SIM Young Entrepreneurship Network (SIMYEN) started its first official Masterclass event with the topic of Food and Beverage, as thriving entrepreneurs from the F&B industry took over the event like a storm, hyping up the members for the current event and the next.


Guest speakers for the F&B seesion were Irvin and Ircahn Hasaka Yuga Ganawan from Irvin’s Salted Eggs, Uzen Tan from Nineteen95 and Yi Song Yong from Grain.


The keen members of the event streams to the venue, queuing to register themselves in, which was shortly followed by dinner. The panel discussion, which was the highlight of the event, was where the four Entrepreneurs started telling their entrepreneurial journeys and what they learnt from their personal roads to success.


The Irvin brothers focused on the statement “do and try different things” which emphasized on their story where they tried various things such as restaurants, and never gave up until they succeeded with his cartels of salted egg chips. They have also mentioned how the idea came to mind and decided to conceptualize it. Salted egg crabs by the chef of one of their seafood restaurants peaked among the consumers, they thought salted egg could be applied into various things, such as chips, which has become one of the most consumed snack in Singapore. The importance of working at one idea at a time was emphasized, showing the importance of putting your all into one idea and then moving on to another. They also broke the myth that you need a lot of money to begin a start-up, they inspired everyone by telling the example of how they designed their cartel on their own and set it up.


Uzen from Nineteen95 shared about his various experiences in a timeline which was merely a short year. He has also inspired many university students when he mentioned how he and his co-founder themselves, are students. He has created an amusing environment, when he tempted everyone with free coffee at his next event. He has gained everyone’s attention and interests when shared the 6 steps to start up a company. Nineteen95 is amongst the top 10 searches on google, and the difficult task of Search Engine Optimization was done by Uzen himself, saving on a lot of money for the firm. He has inspired the entrepreneurs towards learning different tasks, by making them look easy.


Yi Sung from Grain showed real spirit for an entrepreneur when he shared his experience where they had to go through difficult situations, which ranged mild to serious situations such as losing lots of money. However, the 89% of their customers’ satisfaction with their brand and services motivated him to strive on. He emphasized strongly on the fact that customers are your brand, and that the priority of a business or any start-up should be their customers. He defines success of a business based on the satisfactory level of customers.


The panel discussion also included a Q&A session after a short break, where the floor asked their burning questions, which the four entrepreneurs happily answered. Many questions were focused on the starting up of the company – how the ideas were conceptualized and brought to life. Questions about legalities were asked too.


The event ended with a networking session. Questions that were unanswered were being answered during this session, and the participants of the events could network with the founders of the three companies of the Food and Beverage industry. Overall responses from the participants were positive, and many were excited to attend the next two events of the first season of Masterclass series: E-Commerce and Technology.