It was not a typical mundane Saturday for the SIMYEN community on the 30th when they were invited to an amazing night of fun, games, good food (and booze). The turnout was better than expected – more than the number received during Kickoff Orientation!


The late afternoon started with ‘Amazing Race’, where several games, either competitive or non-competitive, were played by different teams of 12. There were games such as zig-zag rock papers scissors, hot lava and sneak-a-peek!


Although drained from the 4 different games held in different areas of Pasir Ris Park, many enjoyed the games, and helped with the bonding process and socializing among the members of the SIMYEN community!


Dinner time was something EVERYBODY was riled up for after an active afternoon. Returning to D’Resort, the community came together over a barbeque, where they could mingle around outside of their respective teams (for games). There were singing, dancing and mini-games played among the hungry people. The food was commented better than Kickoff Orientation, too.


Introduction to Masterclass Series as well as the second round of Subcommittee recruitment was held after dinner. Respective EXCO leaders pitched their departments, giving insights on what the committee do. The Presidents gave details of the Masterclass Series that is happening from end October through first week of December, attracting many members to join the upcoming events!


The event ended off with a long round of drinking session, where some left while some stayed for the night’s fun. Playing drinking games such as beer pong, poker and Russian roulette, there was much laughter ringing through the night. It was a Saturday, indeed!


See you all there for the upcoming Masterclass Series events, starting from 31st October (Fireside Chat: Food)!